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    MICE Congresses, Events and Incentives

What do we call a Virtual Congress?

Unlike a congress as we were used to, with the treatment of physical closeness, in the Virtual Congresses the assistants will be able to attend all the Conferences, Presentations and Scientific Acts without having to move from the site.

And all from the tranquility of your home or workplace and the comfort that this implies. 

Main Types of Conferences and Virtual Congresses  

1. Webinars (Webinars) 

Webinars could be classified as the shortest time seminars between 45 minutes and ninety minutes. It allows attendees to access for free or payment the presentation of a product or content development. Unlimited attendees.

2. Virtual Conferences and Symposia 

Events of short duration in time generally 1 - 1 ½ days. Simple programming without parallel rooms. Unlimited attendees.

3. Virtual Congresses  

Congress lasting more than two days. Programs with parallel rooms, product presentations from sponsors, virtual posters, virtual stands, with no capacity limit.

Reasons to organize a virtual event:  

• Social.

Since the appearance of COVID-19 there has been a before and after in the Organization of mass events. With Virtual Events we manage to advance in the matter of meetings without getting stuck in the progress of Scientific Projects.

• Message extensión

With the Virtual Event there are no capacity barriers, there are no geographical barriers, There are no barriers in the number of parallel sessions, we can practically extend the message without limits.

• Economic

This is a very important reason, cost savings. This type of congress considerably reduces costs.

There is also always the option of being a hybrid, being able to be face-to-face for a part of the attendees and Virtual for all those who cannot travel with a lower registration fee.