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    MICE Congresses, Events and Incentives

“Congress”, just mentioning this word leads us to an Event where a significant number of participants gather to develop scientific meetings, seminars and conferences. Speakers and guests from all over the world attend them.

The congress sector is one of the most important in our country.

Times are changing as well as new working models.

The COVID-19 has meant the acceleration of new forms of work, highlighting that more and more people work from home, Telework, and communication is by online videoconference.

This new concept for some professionals has been a real discovery, it was not so negative since it has meant in many cases a management of their work much higher than usual, with significant cost savings.

Since a year ago, the Virtual Congresses have begun to help hundreds of Organizing Committees to increase not only the Organizational request for Events but also their visibility, positioning and dissemination of their scientific message without an attendance limit.

We would like to indicate that the main advantage of this type of online events is that it does not matter the geographical location of the Event, the capacity limits, the number of Parallel Sessions, Poster Sessions, Sponsor Advertising, webinars of the sponsors ... and that is why it is positioning itself as a very effective tool.

Let's start ...