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    MICE Congresses, Events and Incentives

Incentives: Our experience

E4U is a Company whose team organizes and manages professional events regardless of the type, location or size, with originality, quality and guarantee of success. E4U has group offices and campaign workers distributed throughout the world. This fact allows for a faster reaction speed and a better knowledge of the resources in each area and provides better and closer customer service. 

From the E4U central office, the administrative work and coordinate operations are carried out on a national and international level. Allow the E4U team to be your interlocutor with different providers, and benefit from the preferential agreements that they have with them after having been carefully selected. Exclusivity, Agility, Efficiency and Profitability are the concepts in which we base ourselves when establishing a project, as your success will be ours.

Organize an incentive trip

The main target will be a brainstorming session, from where our client can choose the best viable solution to the budget they want to invest in for their campaign incentive trip. Once the objectives are set, the best award for the sellers or company clients will be decided. A good incentive trip is the most profitable reward by a company, but we must create this objective in order for them to get this prize.

In E4U we believe in the importance of the organization of this type of trip for a company.

  • To increase the business portfolio
  • To prompt the increment of sales by the company
  • To create a loyal bond with the clients or people who have been awarded by the company