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    MICE Congresses, Events and Incentives


Technical secretary

This service is necessary and essential for a perfectly developed event.

The relationship between the delegate and the organizing committee depends on it.

• Admitting, computer processing, managing and charging of all

• Communication with the delegate

• Administration and control of reports, Registrations, accommodations and services

• Coordination of services at the conference venue

• Preparation and delivery of delegate

• Economic closure and final managing development report by the technical secretary.

Scientific secretary

Even though it is the organizing committee´s responsibility and specifically those in charge of designing a scientific program, Events 4U carries out the following: the lines of communication with the designated leaders for the topics to be discussed at the event, the organization of sending and receiving reports about different materials, sessions, authors, topics, rooms. And timetables following the scientific committee´s instructions. Finally, they create and print out the final program and communications booklets, in coordination with the organizing committee.

Business exhibition secretary

If a congress has a business exhibition planned, Events4U can carry out its complete design promotion and management before and during the event. They can also carry out the commercialization of areas for possible exhibitors by creating all of the needed strategy and documentation for it to be successful.

Economic viability

We study the event´s volume and scope economically and financially by looking for and providing the best sponsorship and financial solutions from the beginning.

Website desing

We have the most advanced technology and extensive software for congresses and scientific businesses to solve all of the event´s needs. We offer a computerized web of the event and an online site which processes registrations, accommodations, emails, scientific abstracts and much more.

Travel Agency

Accommodation, transport, travel organization, and pre and post congress stay, transport for speakers and delegates, agreements with airlines and railroads as official carriers.

Planning and recruitment of the human resources needed for the event´s smooth progress such as hosts/ hostesses, interpreter, translators, Security staff, etc.

Food service social events

Once the event is designed according to its budget and length, we offer a selection of highly qualified suppliers and experts for developing leisure activities and food service in agreement with the organizers.


We are in charge of planning and organizing the speaker´s flights and any needed shuttle transport during the congress, social functions, and pre and post tours of the congress.

Territorial availability

Events4u offers the necessary logistics to design an event anywhere. We can help you find the best solution for your event (Hotels, Convention Centers, Theatres, etc.). The technical secretary will be in the headquarters, before and during the event and managed by high qualified staff.

Support Staff

Planning and recruitment of the human resources needed for the event´s smooth progress such as hosts/ hostesses, interpreter, translators, Security staff, etc.