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“Jamás vimos alcázar más excelso,

de contornos más claros y espaciosos.

Jamás vimos jardín más floreciente,

de cosecha más dulce y más aroma.”

“No sé si llamé cielo a esta tierra que piso,

si esto de abajo es el paraíso

¿Qué será la Alhambra, cielo?...”

Poemas de la Alhambra


The Monuments in Granada

In this guided tour we will discover the two sides of Granada: the Albaicín, its Moorish essence, and the center of the town, fruit of the victory from the Catholic kings in 1492. We will start from the Plaza Bib-Rambla, near the cathedral, to the Albaicín, where Moorish aroma, minarets, hammams, Muslim fountains, carmenes granadinos make it the most charming and well-known in the neighborhood. UNESCO declared it World Heritage in 1984. We will continue to downtown Granada, the Cathedral, the Royal Chapel, various palaces, convents and monasteries. To end up this tour we will walk around the Madraza and we will enter the Alcaicería, the old silk market.

Visit to the Alhambra and Generalife

A walk through the Alhambra palace, declared World Heritage by UNESCO, is an obligatory activity for any visitor to the city of Granada. We will transform this visit into an extraordinary experience, rich in knowledge and history. During this 3-hour trip through the Alhambra, someone will guide you around through each of the parts making up the Fortaleza Roja. You will explore the Alcazaba, an old military compound and the oldest part of the Alhambra. You will also visit the Nazaríes Palaces, including the Mexuar Palace, the Comares Palace and the Lions Palace. Finally, you’ll explore the Generalife, the sultan’s summer palace located on the east side of the Alhambra.

Evening walk and tapas route

In this visit we are going to explore one of the most historic, charming and colourful neighborhoods of Granada. Our walk and gastronomic route will start at sunset in the centre of the city, near the Plaza Nueva of Granada. We will take a tour around the Albaicín, stroll around the Muslim neighborhood and arrive to St Nicolas viewpoint, from where you will get the best views of Granada, the Alhambra and Sierra Nevada.On this visit we will enter four of the best tapas bars in the city, where we’ll enjoy the tapas and atmosphere. After an unforgettable evening, we will conclude the visit where we started out.

Trip to Granada´s Alpujarra

The Alpujarras of Granada is one of the largest botanical settlements of Europe, and we suggest you go to discover it in our one- day trip, crossing a series of picturesque villages. Lanjarón, where healing waters flow through its historic spa, was founded in 1843.Orgiva, capital of the Alpujarra. The magical towns of Caratuñas, Pampaneira, Pitres, Pórtugos with its fountain (rich in iron) and Treveléz, the highest village in Spain and widely known for its exquisite Iberian hams. Finally we will go to Bubión and Capileira, a tranquil place where the traditional alpujarreño dish takes place

Flamenco in Granada

Maria Canastera’s Zambra, located in the picturesque quarter of Sacramonte, represents today, 50 years after its foundation, one of the major touristic attractions in our city: flamenco dance. Decorated with photographs of our famous visitors as well as traditional Sacromonte craftwork (pottery and hammered copper) the facility has a capacity for 60 people. Shows are scheduled every night with singing and dancing masterfully performed by María’s descendents, who keep the traditions left by her alive today.