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"Paseando por tus calles, me requiebran tus naranjos,

tu mezquita hermosa y enhiesta,

con ese olor a otros tiempos,

tiempos memorables ya pasados.

Poco más allá la judería, por la que tantas veces me perdí

callejeando hasta encontrar la plaza perfecta,

para escribirte a ti mi bella ciudad, estos versos.

Córdoba cuna de guerreras gentes y sabidurías claras;

atiendes al extranjero, y das cobijo a tu prójimo.

Cuna de culturas, de Sénecas, Maimonides,

Alhakenes, Duques de Rivas, Góngoras

y tantos otros que mi cabeza olvida.

Por tus calles me enamoré y por tus calles

encontré a mis musas, y encontré

a las más bellas gentes que jamás yo conociera,

Córdoba, que mal o bien albergaste a tres culturas amplias y bastas,

que mal o bien supieron convivir y que mal o bien me han

hecho ser lo que soy, un cordobés orgulloso de serlo..."

Felipe Evaristo Gómez Pescador


Visit of Monuments in Cordoba

This tour covers the most significant monuments of Cordoba. The itinerary begins by visiting the Alcazar de los Reyes Cristianos, and will continue to the Gran Mezquita-Catedral of Cordoba, treasure of the Andalusian omeyas, where you will be impressed by its “forest of columns”. Later on we will visit the famous Jewish quarter, where we will walk around its picturesque streets and squares full of tradition, and to end up in Cordoba´s synagogue, the only one conserved in Andalucía.

Night Tour of the Mosque

Cordoba’s cathedral and antique mosque is without a doubt, one of the most amazing monuments of humanity and the most singular and religious building of all those existing. It has been declared “Monument of Heritage” by UNESCO. A new way of knowing this singular temple and admire its beauty, is by discovering aspects that up to now have been unknown, immersing in experiences and carrying us, through new technologies, through a trip in time, art and spirituality that will take us through the monument´s history through a nighttime tour, and see its artistic value, cultural and religious importance.

Visit to Cordoba Patios

We will go out for an unforgettable walk around Cordoba by visiting the patios, one of the best known demonstrations in the city which takes place every year. Regardless of the date, we can visit them. The patio festival is a contest of Cordoba´s courtyards celebrated generally during the second and third week of May. The participants open their patios free of charge so they can be viewed. In the last years, the patios that are in the contest are marked with pots of plants around the doors, so that they can be clearly identified. Also, we can arrange it in horse-drawn carriages.

Visit of the Montilla-Moriles Winery

This is a visit of the Alvear Winery, which is part of the Montilla-Moriles wine route. The visit begins in the place where the grapes are processed, followed by the grape fermentation zone and the big wineries or Monumental, where the most famous wine from the area is aged: el Fino C.B. In this setting the system of manufacturing these wines as well as the more fine wines is explained. There is nothing better than tasting the best-known wines: Fino CC, Pale Cream Festival, Pedro Ximénez. We’ll end the visit with part of the Montilla-Moriles route which offers a complete offer of the culture and gastronomy of the Cordoba countryside.

Show at the Royal Stables

Las Caballerizas Reales de Córdoba is the reference building where the Andalusian horse, our Spanish purebred, have evolved. It is an emblematic building dating from 1570, by the express mandate of King Philip II. Las Caballerizas Reales de Córdoba have formed a prominent part of not only the equestrian history of Cordoba but also of world riding. This monumental building, which is part of the National Heritage, was vital to receiving this UNESCO World Heritage recognition, alongside the Mosque-Cathedral and the Jewish quarter. You will be able to enjoy a unique and magical spectacle that discloses the beauty, intelligence and nobility of our Andalusian horse.