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"Y es que no hay lugar donde

uno pueda estar tocando el más allá,

cómo en Bilbao.

Si vienes a Bilbao la luna encontrarás.

Allá en lo alto está deseando saludar.

No temas durar.

Resiste Bilbao la pisada del tiempo

y álzate en ola de lluvia

al cielo gris de tu ría.

No temas."

El Consorcio


One-of-a-kind Bilbao

This is an interesting itinerary with a panoramic view of the modern city by bus and medieval Bilbao on foot. Medieval Bilbao: with its paved streets, side-streets, charming squares and corners, walls, the Gothic catheral of St. James, the Plaza Nueva, the emblematic St. Anthony church and the bustling riverbank market embracing more than 500 years of history. We will continue with a panoramic view of the modern city by bus. This includes the Guggenheim-Bilbao musuem, the Isozaki towers, the Zubi-zuirí walkway, and the Euskalduna palace. This is followed by the celebrated seven streets. Here you will discover monuments and personalities such as Diego Lopez de Haro, Miguel de Unamuno, The St. James catedral, the Yohn Palace or the Arriaga theater.

The Bilbao inlet

We begin our walk along the banks of the market in the Pedro Ispizua inlet. This is located where the old Plaza Mayor used to be. It is a building with modern decoration and shop windows. Behind the market we can find the San Antón bridge and church with the same name. We will continue by embarking on our tour of the Bilbao inlet, a scene of this city´s transformation, in order to discover its past and present, and to admire the many builidings that have marked these changes. We can´t miss its most illustrous bridge: The Vizcaya Bridge, or Hanging Bridge, a true work of art and World Heritage site and a symbol of the past and the industrial power of the inlet. We will finish up with something that is very typical of Bilbao: tasting tidbits and trying txakoli (wine).

Bilbao´s Guggenheim Museum

Currently, more than a decade after its inauguration in October of 1997, the museum is a reality that has surpassed its most ambitious expectations on an artistic and cultural level and has contriubuted to the urban, economic and social regrowth of the city of Bilbao and its immediate surroundings in an extrordinary way. Belonging to an international museum network allows it access to an extensive Permanent Collection that is made up of the Guggenheim Museum artistic funds, which include the works from Bilbao´s Private Collection.These funds complement each other and together offer a more exhaustive and complete vision of both modern and contemporary art. The museum building, which is now the most recognizable icon in the city of Bilbao, is a great titanium, stone and glass structure designed by the Northamerican architect Frank Gehry. The galleries, some of which are surprising configurations and others that are more regularly shaped, join together around a spectacular atrium crowned with an overhead skylight in the form of a metallic flower.



Ondarroa: where its naval culture invades the winding streets in the historic city centre, its important fishing port and the gastronomic tradition from this village that lives behind the mountains and in front of the sea. We will visit the Santa Maria church. Next, Lekeitio, which is Euskadi´s greatest expression of fishing tradition. We will visit its picturesque port, full of colourful boats. We will visit the Asuncion de Santa Maria basilica and its flamoyant Gothic- style altarpiece. Finally, we will visit the historic city centres and charming fishing ports of Ea and Elantxobe. This last village houses one of the most curious images in Euskadi: its port is hidden from the ferocity of the Cantabrian sea between cliffs and mountains.


Gernika is a symbol of Basque culture in the Urdaibai biosphere reserve. We will visit the Árbol and the Casa de Juntas. We will continue on to the Itsasmendi wineries, whose Number 7 wine was the first txakoli to receive the Golden Bacchus award, organized by the Spanish Winetasters Union. We will stop at their vineyards and taste this wine that is unique to Euskadi. We will go on towards Mundada, a charming village that houses a small, picturesque post situated at the mouth of the Gernika inlet. A few meters from the port, in the inlet, we can find the famous ola izquierda (the best wave in Europe) of Mundaka, considered one of the ten best in the world and the reason why sufers from all corners of the globe come here.